The Imposter Project

A community for all of us.

Are you a successful professional who is absolutely crushing it every day
  • but you still find it difficult to have confidence in yourself and your abilities?
  • but you have a hard time accepting success and downplay your achievements?
  • but you compare yourself to others and set an unreasonably high standard for yourself?
  • but you overwork yourself because you're afraid you don't measure up?
  • but you often feel like an outsider and constantly fear being discovered?
Shannon Snider, Community Founder

You are not alone.

Everyone struggles with self-doubt.
All of us are trying to face these issues alone, afraid that by revealing them we'll lose the respect of those around us.  But you are not alone and everyone has these same insecurities and self-doubt.
It's time for us to be open about it.
These feelings thrive in secrecy and only grow stronger in isolation, but we can overcome them and gain confidence by giving ourselves permission to be open, honest, and authentic.
And learn from each other.
There are many of us with our own stories to tell, and we can be at our best when we open ourselves up to learn from different and diverse points of view.
Be inspired.  Stay connected.
Get involved.
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